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About Total Lighting Solutions

Like a director staging a play, a lighting designer has within his or her grasp the ability to create atmosphere, movement and emotion.

Our lighting designs are pragmatic solutions that realize the potential of a space. They are driven by best practices, data analysis, function, technical acuity and an understated elegance that complements architecture and respects the environment.

  • Our lighting design for Canada Line transcended the requirements for public safety in rapid transit stations. It transformed this transport facility into a warm, enjoyable and inviting urban space.
  • Our lighting design for Century Plaza Hotel fulfilled the goal to provide stylish lighting for the hotel lobby and local hotspot, restaurant and lounge, Beyond. Upon completion, the client described Galina Zbrizher, principal at Total Lighting Solutions, as an atmospheric strategist with the ability to weave drama and intrigue with light.
  • Our lighting design for the 600-hectare LakeStone Okanagan resort community included master plans for exterior lighting that afforded residents the rare opportunity to stargaze, by steering away from traditional street and roadway lighting. Instead, the plan involved lighting obstacles, for safety, and landscape features, for enjoyment. The additional benefits of reduced light pollution as well as minimized carbon footprint, maintenance and operating expenses were well received by both the public and the District.


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